Quick and Easy Activities for Rainy Days

There is no need to be bored indoors when it’s raining… you can make playing outside in the rain easy and stress free… so throw on your wellies and a raincoat and get out there and enjoy the rain. 

🔴 Take some toy boats out and play in a puddle in the garden or race them down the stream on the side of the footpath. If you don’t have anything suitable with you, then find some sticks or leaves and see what floats and what sinks or what travels fastest down the streams. 

🔴 Get arty… Paint in the rain… get your chalks and draw on the path… it goes more like paint in the rain… paint a masterpiece and take a photo before it washes away.
Use paper plates and add a few drops of different coloured food colouring and hold them in the rain and see what patterns you get.

🔴 If it’s not raining too hard then get out in the woods for a walk… you can find all sorts of interesting things to do in the woods in the rain… jump in puddles, look for bugs (take a large, kids, magnifying glass with you) kick  the leaves, make some nature art with the wet leaves and twigs, chase the dog… 

🔴 Make a rain gauge… cut the top off a 2 litre bottle, and put the top inside the bottom, secure in place and decorate… use a sharpie/permanent marker and mark every half inch. Place outside where you can see it from inside in the warm and watch how far it fills up 

If you want to get outside then have a tub each and see who can catch the most water.

🔴 Use different items to see how the rain sounds when it hits them… plastic tub, metal watering can, glass bottle etc 

🔴 Take the house plants for a walk outside for a good drink of rainwater and talk about why we need to water plants 

🔴 Get outside and do some puddle jumping… it’s not just fun for kids 💦

Just look at the excitement on their faces before we go out puddle jumping in the rain 😀

Whatever you decide to do outside in the rain… make your life easy by having the bath run ready and leaving towels out and a dry change of clothes for everyone… have a fab time xx


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