Parenting play hacks 

We all like a parenting hack… so here is a round up of our favourite playing hacks that we have tried 🙂 

Water balloon pump

Use an empty hand wash with pump and fill with water so they can fill water bomb balloons themselves without wasting loads of water or asking you to do them all the time! 

Lint roller

A lint roller is a brilliant way of picking up glitter off the carpet, the sofa, the children, the walls! Haha 

Basically, if you like using glitter in your craft activities then you need a lint roller in your life…

Giant art

If you like getting the pens and paints out… why not try some giant art… use an old bedsheet or pick one up from the local charity shop and lay it out in the garden… children can paint and colour on a massive canvas and keep the mess outside… you can then use it as a garden rug for the summer for outside crafting

Inside water games

Playing with water inside doesn’t have to be a terrible idea… put a plastic table cloth on the floor covered by a towel or 2 and then a couple of tubs of water and a towel for getting dry… just don’t encourage too much splashing and give them an activity to do in the water… like melting ice, or transferring water… it will keep them entertained for ages and is easy to clear away… messy CLEAN fun!

Giant ice cubes

Make giant ice cubes using plastic takeaway trays… you can hide toys in it for them to excavate or to melt out of the ice… A great game for indoors or outdoors

Laundry basket bath

If you have the little one who is just sitting up, using a laundry basket in the bath is perfect as they will have something to lean up against when sitting and their toys can’t get too far away from them it’s also a lot less slippy so you have no need for a bath mat… it’s also really useful for in the paddling pool in the summer… 

Baby Wipes

Pick up some of the cheapest baby wipes from the supermarket… give them to the kids to play with… a packet each… get them to clean the floors, the doors, the skirting boards – everything that they can reach and your house will be spotless and it’s great fun for them to do. BEST PLAY HACK EVER!!! 

Contained colouring 

This is the BEST way to give a toddler felt tip pens… strip them down and put them in a large box and let them go crazy! No drawing on the walls… but be prepared to have to bath them afterwards…

Bath time water wall

If the thought of playing with water in the living room still makes your hairs stand on end then try water games in the bath… serves 2 purposes and gets them clean at the same time… mine love having a water wall in the bath… I recommend using parcel tape rather than sticky tape though as it sticks better… we use a plant watering funnel which I picked up in a garden centre for about £1 and some colourful garden tube

Do you have any playing hacks that you can share with us? 


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