Hama beads for little fingers

Do your children like hama beads? 

But they are too little to make patterns in the little pin boards? 

Lara gets very frustrated coz she can’t do it, and when she does manage to make a small pattern, one of them will knock it over and send it flying… they’ve never had one make it to the iron yet…

A silicone baking tray is an ideal alternative… then instead of ironing them, you bake them in the oven (25-30 minutes at 180degrees but check regularly) 

You can get all sorts of shapes in silicone baking trays. We do this every year to make Christmas tree decorations… last year we did gingerbread men, Christmas trees and stockings… this year we are doing butterfly’s, flowers and lady birds. It’s a bit of a spring theme but that’s what Lara chose so maybe we will be able to use them again in the spring/summer.

The adult part is to drill a little hole in the top and tie some ribbon for hanging… fun, simple and not stressful in the slightest!!!
We use the colours all mixed together as it’s easier, but you could make some awesome creations if you separate the colours… 

This keeps Lara and William entertained for a good half an hour… I put the silicone trays on a baking sheet so they can go straight in the oven and the beads that they drop stay contained mostly (apart from William throwing them everywhere!!!) it’s still a supervised activity as otherwise the beads would be all around the house!!


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