Activities -Fun and Free when Stuck Indoors

We love having days at home… I love our home but sometimes the kids go a bit stir crazy having a whole day in the house so when they are a bit nuts, it’s great to give them an easy to set up activity that lasts them ages before they get bored of it… here is a list of things we have tried and found successful… suitable or adaptable for most ages…

Child Cleaning Services 

Give them a pack of cheap baby wipes and let them clean the house… you may call it child labour but I call it ingenuity haha… mine love to clean the kitchen floor and cupboard doors and the radiators and skirting boards… awesome job, high five 👍🏻✋

Masking Tape Race Track

This was a massive hit, they played with it all day and the following day, until I was sick of it and needed to hoover up! Really quick to put down, and even quicker to pick up again and leaves no mess behind… 

We also did the same thing with a hopscotch which Lara loved and we ended up making it run from the living room all down the hallway…

Straw Threading

Use your kitchen colander and some drinking straws or pipe cleaners… push them through the holes for a brilliant fun game that is also great for fine motor skills… this one is particularly great for young toddlers…  

For older children, turn it the other way up and make it into a home made marble drop game… thread all the straws in, add the marbles then take it in turns to pull them out… 

Paper Tearing

Collect up all the junk mail, old newspapers, magazines and catalogues and have a paper ripping session… older children could use scissors… it will make a lot of mess but it’s only paper and can go straight in the recycling bin when you are done…


A ball of yarn and make a mission impossible track to weave their way through… Lara loved this but William got totally stuck and wrapped in wool so probably not best for little toddlers! 

Kitchen Drums

If you don’t mind a bit of noise, then pull out the pots and pans and give them a wooden spoon… they will work out the rest on their own… ear plugs are a good idea!

Cardboard Box Colouring

Keep an empty cardboard box handy for little ones to use for colouring… I call it ‘contained colouring’ no drawing on the walls if you want to get on with something… it’s great for using in the kitchen when you are cooking!

Masking Tape Balance Beam

A straight line or maybe a bit wiggly… and balance along it… very easy and very simple and good for coordination at the same time as being fun… 

Den Building 
Easy to do and easy to tidy away and kids absolutely love dens! Get some sheets out and come up with a whole city of dens throughout the house… that will keep them entertained all day…

Toilet Roll Pom Pom Run

Really easy to set up, just tape some toilet roll tubes to a door… parcel tape works better than sticky tape and lasts longer…  

We didn’t end up using Pom poms, we used some large beads instead for this particular one, but we’ve made these lots and pom poms are great as they don’t fall quite so fast…

Have fun and let me know what sort of things you get up to when you have a day at home… I’m always looking for new ideas to try with Lara and William to keep us all sane xx


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