Rainy Day – Easy Activities 

There’s nothing worse than a rainy day, with nowhere to go and a bored child at home!!  For some reason it’s so much harder to entertain them when it’s raining… 

I like to have a ‘go to’ list of things to do… things that are easy to set up, entertain for a large period of time and not too messy 😀

Water transferring

At the table or on the floor with a towel down… use 2 containers, fill one with water and then use something to transfer it into the other container… you can try using cotton wool, spoons, cups and hands… 


Empty out the money boxes and play with the coins… count the coins, pile them up, match and separate coins, put them back into the money box through the hole… plenty of free fun. 

Polly the doll has been playing with coins too

Make some music

Get the tins and wooden spoons out and make some music… you might want ear plugs for this one and maybe not great at 6am in the morning if you have neighbours!!! 

Sink or float

A large bowl of water on a towel… Send the kids to look around the house for items to test to see if they float or sink… can they guess correctly? fun and educational! 

In the summer we did this outside with nature items

Cardboard box colouring 

If you have a giant cardboard box then save it for a rainy day… they are excellent for ‘contained colouring’ Haha. Strip them down and give them some felt tips and enjoy the contained colouring fun

Ribbons and buttons

Get the craft box out and play with some ribbons and buttons… 

Put some glue on paper and make a button and ribbon picture.

Den making

Use sheets and blankets to make a massive den in the living room… add loads of cushions and some fairy lights and you could move in! 

Draw on the windows

Yes I mean literally draw on the windows… with window crayons… they are really cheap and just wash off! Great for getting creative in a different way… we have a conservatory which is perfect for this as the windows are quite low…

Another variation of this is to use little bits of masking tape and make a dot-to-dot for the children to complete. 

Rain drop race

Pick a rain drop each on the window and trace it down with your finger (or a window crayon) as it runs… the one that makes it to the bottom first is the winner 💦

Target game

Use masking tape to draw a target on the floor and throw bean bags (or socks filled with rice)… make it into a competition and the loser has to tidy up all the toys… 

Masking tape Car track 

Use masking tape to make a car track around your living room… it can go on the floor, walls, over the sofa and up the door… anywhere oh like… get them involved in making it by telling you where they want the track to go… if you have any carpets tubes (free from carpet shops) then you can use them as a tunnel… we haven’t tried this yet as we have a train track glued to a board but Ive seen it loads of times on other blogs and Pinterest and it looks great 😀

William plays with this every single day…

Make a reading area

Get all the cushions, duvets and soft toys and make a reading den… make it really cuddly and cosy, get some snacks and read some stories. 

Pasta pictures

Craft glue and paper… stick on all different colours and shapes of pasta and see what creations your little ones can make. Add a bit of glitter for a Sparkly touch…

We did this at the local church’s after school club… such a great idea

Marble run 

Using toilets rolls and kitchen rolls and a roll of tape… tape them to a door and use marbles or Pom poms to run down them. Try and catch them in tubs, or colour code the tubes to make it more challenging for older toddlers. 

Salt dough

If you like a little bit of mess then try some salt dough… fabulously easy and once it’s cooked it will last for years (if being stored, keep it in an airtight container with some rice to absorb any moisture) 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of plain flour and water to mix it together… use cookie cutters, make handprints or let their imagination go crazy… once done, bake it in the oven until it’s dry and you can then paint 🎨

Failing all, dress up warm and  put on your waterproofs and wellies and get out side and jump in the puddles… when you’ve had enough come inside for a warm bath and a hot chocolate ☕️😀


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