Music to my ears – instruments to make in seconds 

Our house loves noise, our house is never quiet…

We have a big tub full of musical instruments which come out to be played with on a regular basis. Rattles, drums, castanets, xylophones they love it all! But we also like to make instruments too and sometimes that’s much more entertaining for them.

We have 2 music stations in the garden… One of them was the most simple thing ever to make… Literally just tied some old saucepans up to hit with sticks… And one was made by Ben using scaffolding poles and involved a bit more work but was still something that most people could try doing… And I attached some old xylophone parts and the stick to make it extra musical. The abacus at the side also has bells in the balls, they are cat toys. 

If I need a quick activity to keep them entertained while I’m cooking or doing something I tend to just give them all the baking tins and cake tins and a few wooden spoons and they go nuts making horrendous amounts of noise… I’m not precious about my baking tins and cake tins so I don’t mind if they get a few dents in them… They also like baking tin guitars which is basically a long baking tin with elastic bands wrapped around it, so simple and quick. 

I’m really not one for spending time on things, I like things to be quick and at hand. You could spend hours making amazing looking instruments but would the kids actually play with them? I much prefer my two second instruments and then if they don’t play with them it really doesn’t matter I didn’t spend any time on it and they just go straight back in the kitchen cupboard 😀👍 

Easy instruments to make in seconds… 

Baking tin drums

Get all your baking tins out and use wooden spoons as drum sticks

Baking tin guitar 

A long baking tin with elastic bands around it 

Garden music station 

using old kitchen saucepans, utensils and anything that makes a noise when hit with a stick

Rice rattles and sensory shakers

    Empty water bottles filled 3 quarters with rice and the lid replaced. Or use tubs with lids and fill with anything colourful for a more sensory instrument… Buttons, beads, lentils or coloured pasta. 

    Tin can bongos 

    Cut the end off a balloon and pull it over the top of the can and secure it on with tape or elastic bands. Use hands to bang the drums like bongos. 

    I know of soooo many amazing homemade instrument ideas if you want to get crafty and have time to try them… I  will write about them sometime 😀 but for now, enjoy the simplicity of these ideas to save your sanity when you need to entertain the children quickly xx


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