Messy Painting Fun – Awesome Painting Ideas 

I’m not a massive fan of painting… I struggle with the mess… But I had to get the paints out eventually… 
I can’t just leave them too it, it would literally end up everywhere! So it’s very highly supervised haha.

William was asleep so I finally let Lara do some painting!!! I couldn’t find the paint brushes so we improvised… Using pipe cleaners made into patterns… And of course our hands… I had a bowl of soapy water and a towel at the ready with another towel under the bowl. I also used our tuff tray but it’s just as easy to use a waterproof sheet like a table cloth or a messy play sheet.

The pipe cleaners worked fabulously. But fingers were more popular… Lots of hand prints and finger print flowers.

Over the summer I plan on doing more painting… Outside!!!

I’ve been looking into other painting ideas for using in the future and also things we have done in the past… Here is a list of my favourites.

Clean painting

Paint in a zip lock bag and taped down to a table (or Laras favourite, on the window) they can draw pictures and shapes and mix colours together

Water painting

A bowl of water and a paint brush outside on the patio/pavement… Draw anything and when it’s dry you can start again! Lara and William like to get Daddys proper paintbrushes and paint the shed too…

Painting with shaving foam

Perfect for outside… We use the conservatory Windows… Use hands or paintbrushes and when you are finished, just hose it down and it all washes away 😀… Can also mix with food colouring for an even brighter picture… 

Giant paintings

Large pieces of paper… We use white paper table clothes… We get them from the cash and carry in boxes of 100. Draw around your child and then let them paint their ‘giant’ 

Fruit and veg painting

Cut up some celery, potatoes, sweet potato, squash, apples… Basically anything you have to hand… And a few bowls of different coloured paint and experiment with the different patterns everything makes… Maybe don’t eat it afterwards though 😂 we haven’t tried this yet but it’s top of my list to do next.

Masking tape paintings

Using masking tape, mark out a word/pattern on your paper or canvas and then get messy with the paint… Once it’s dried, carefully peel off the tape to reveal your creation.

Creative paint brushes

Make your own paint brushes… Using clothes pegs, attach anything that might make a good paint brush… Pom poms, leaves, twigs, ribbons, feathers, pipe cleaners etc.  Experiment with different items and see what pictures your little ones come up with…

Get back to nature

Paint some leaves you find on a walk… Big or small… 

Stones for the garden

Decorate your garden with painted stones… let them paint and decorate pebbles and stones for the garden… You could even decorate stones to look like food to use in a mud kitchen 😀 we love painted stones.  Use external paint if you trust them not to try and eat it or get it everywhere… We used water based poster paints and their not water proof but could be varnished when dry 

Polystyrene stamps

We have loads of polystyrene left over from our new bbq… Use a pen to draw a picture on it… Press hard whilst drawing… It will cause it to indent the picture in the polystyrene… Paint over it with brushes or a roller and then press onto paper… Use multiple colours for a very vibrant piece of artwork. This can be done as big or small as the polystyrene you have. 

But beware that this might happen if left unattended!!! I actually had to vacuum the grass 😂

Spray gun painting

An idea I’ve seen on pinterest in the past is using a water pistol or a cleaning spray bottle with watered down paint and spraying it on to the paper… Fab idea! But I don’t think I could trust my kids not to spray everything in sight 😂

Ice cube painting

This one is particularly great for babies…  And great for a hot summers day… ice cubes with food colouring in and you can even add lolly pop sticks to them as handles…

Have fun getting messy 😀


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