I just need 10 minutes… Ways to keep toddlers entertained

I’ve been ill this week with a sickness bug… It got me thinking about how I would entertain the children when all I want to do is lay on the sofa and sleep! 

Also, sometimes you need to get on… Whether it be cooking a meal or getting yourself showered and dressed etc… Or you simply need 10 mins to yourself with a cuppa… If your children are anything like mine, they need constant entertainment… And sometimes turning the tv on simply isn’t good enough!!! So I’ve made a list of things that are extremely easy and quick to set up and also to clear away and will (hopefully) keep little ones entertained long enough to do what needs doing… Save the list and come back to it when you need it 😀

Pipe cleaners/straws

Pipe cleaners or straws with a colander or cooling rack is sooo much fun for little fingers. Also great for fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination. They can post them in the holes or older ones can try and weave the straws/pipe cleaners through the cooling rack 😀

Pom Pom run
Pom Pom ball run with toilet rolls and kitchen rolls… Can be made in a matter of minutes… Tape them to a radiator or a door and make a run… It can be as simple or complicated as you can be bothered to make… 

Buttons and ribbons

So simple and mine play with them for ages… You can elaborate for a slightly older child by asking them to sort them into colours or they can make patterns with them… It’s a good sensory experience too with all the different colours and textures.

Pasta necklaces
Shoelaces and pasta… Thread the pasta onto the shoelace to make necklaces… Good for fine motor skills and you can get different sized pasta to mix it up a bit or even coloured pasta.

Noisy drums 
Tins and wooden spoon drums (if you like noise)

Cardboard box

Save a large cardboard box and bring it out when you need them to play on their own for a bit… Make a fort, contained colouring, just let them go wild using their imaginations. 


String balloons together for little ones… Use different colours for a really visual experience to keep them entertained for a while 

Put a towel on the floor and tub of bubbles for a very easy way to entertain little ones whilst you do the washing up 😀


Kids love ramps… We love using a cardboard carpet roll and put cars and balls down it… It’s great coz they will mostly play with it on their own. You could also use a length of guttering which is what we use in the garden. 


Magnets on radiator, fridge, freezer, baking trays…


Coins and an unbreakable money box… Putting coins in a money box is great for getting little fingers working… 

Stepping stones

Cushions on the floor as stepping stones… Jump around the living room and burn off some energy 😀 don’t touch the floor though or you have to start from the beginning again…

Washing line

Hang a pretend ‘washing line’ up and give them pegs and socks and muslin squares to hang out

Paper tearing 

Old magazines or catalogues to rip up… Always good fun especially for the littlest ones.

There are many many more things you could try that are simple and easy… What do you find works in your house? 


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