Nature art 

Going for a walk is a lovely stress busting activity… But only if the kids don’t whinge for the entire walk!!! 

I have found that giving Lara a task whilst on a walk worked brilliantly!! We went during Williams nap time so he was out for the count… I gave Lara a carrier bag and made it into a sort of scavenger hunt… I didn’t write a list as it was very spare of the moment… But a list for older children that they can tick off would be a great idea… And for younger ones who can’t read, you could have pictures of things to find that can be ticked off ✔️

As we were walking, if I saw a feather I said Lara, can you find me a feather? And she would put it in her bag… We collected leaves of different types, twigs of different shapes and sizes, feathers, daisies, dandelions, wood chips, stones, grass, pine cones and lots of seeds. 

Once back home (at our holiday caravan) I got the glue out and a cut strips of a cereal box… Pva glue and stick glues are great for children as they are washable and easy to clean up… They both then glued our finds onto the strips of card… We added a bit of glitter too… coz glitter is awesome!! Once finished and dried we made them into the most amazing nature crowns… William was loving his 😀👑 
(Cut a slit down on one end and up on the other end and slot them together and tape or glue the ends down) 

We did something similar with some friends too… We went on a walk and collected lots of items and them made collages with pva glue… With larger items we dipped them in the glue then put them on the paper… And for the smaller items we spread glue on the paper and then stuck the items on…

Something that would be brilliant to do with all the nature items would be painting (I’m not keen on the mess and didn’t bring paint with us on holiday). I do really want to try to do some painting with them at some point and I think leaf prints will be fun…maybe I’ll wait till the Autumn when there will be loads of different leaves around 🌿🍃☘🍂🍁



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