Shaking it up 

Probably like most of you at times, we got ourselves (or rather I did) into a bit of a rut of doing the same things all the time… Same groups, same park, same activities, same tv programmes, same breakfast, same outfits… Oh my god I’m bored just thinking about our daily activities!!! Partly down to having some bad days recently and not wanting change… I go through this feeling occasionally and need to shake things up to feel productive and like I’m making the most of not only my children being little, but also making the most of my life… Getting a bit deep there, sorry, but honestly, sometimes I feel like I am wasting my life… Maybe by sitting on the sofa watching tv when it’s a lovey day outside… I’m really not wasting my life, maybe just a few hours but it feels like I am… 

Sometimes life gets boring just doing things for the kids all the time… So I want to change what we do a little, I want to have days out that I enjoy too and do things that I find fun… Because I’m pretty sure they will enjoy most things and if I’m having a good time so will they… I’m not talking about taking them clothes shopping or to the pub… I mean kids days out still, but to places I actually have an interest in… I like the zoo, I like steam trains, I like walks in the woods, I like the beach even on rainy days…  I don’t like parks (nothing against them, I just find it tedious and boring pushing the damn swings for hours), I don’t like soft play areas (I’m not flexible or fit enough for them haha). I’ll still take them to the park, I’m not that mean… But I just want to throw other things that I enjoy into the mix…

Sometimes I feel I just need to push the boundaries of change a little… They say a change is as good as a holiday… Well, we have done both… I’ve taken our touring caravan to a fairly local site for a couple of months… It’s great for Lara and William as there is lots of things for them to do… And also lots of things that I enjoy too… Ben is still working and coming over at the weekends so it’s just me and the kids for most of the week… We are 1 week in and I can honestly say it’s the best thing I could have done to get over this period of ‘stuckness’ not sure that’s actually a word though haha.

The kids are being fantastic… Soon as they are up, the door is open and they are outside playing… There is absolutely no reason why they can’t do that at home… But they don’t coz I don’t open the door for them… Why not? No idea!!! This is exactly the shake up I needed… That’s already one thing on my checklist for when we go home… Everything seems so much easier when they are outside… No idea why… Maybe coz it means less mess in the house 😂

We booked this quite a while ago, it just happened to come at exactly the right time… If we hadn’t been going then I would have still needed to do something to change our routine… In the past, before children I would have just booked a last minute week/weekend away and jumped on a plane… That’s not so easy these days so something small like a different day out generally works well for me… A few weeks ago we had a lovely day out on the local steam train… Had lunch, a walk and fed the ducks and came home again…  Such a lovely day and not something we do very often… They were so well behaved and had so much fun… And all we would have done normally that day would be stay at home.

I’ve been searching the Internet for different days out locally (within about an hours drive) and I’ve got a list of places we could just go to at a moments notice without having to think and plan… For bad days I like to have a list of ideas so I don’t have to think too hard!! I have a ‘go to’ place when it’s nice weather and I’m stressed… A local beach where you can park on the road right next to the beach… No walking involved and no stress! I don’t even need a pushchair or changing bag as the car is 10 feet away! 

Anyway, the point in trying to get to is, if you feel like you a stuck in a rut, then do something about it… Shake it up… Do something completely different and maybe out of your comfort zone… Push those personal boundaries… You don’t have to go on holiday or spend money… Do a different activity with the kids that you have never done before, take them to a different play park, go for a walk on the beach in the rain…  Make YOUR life a bit more interesting and hopefully the rut will dissolve 😃❤️ xxx


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  1. dorotheagr says:

    Great post! So true!!! Simple things make big changes.

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