Moon sand mess 

Now… This is easy to make… 

  • 8 cups of flour
  • 1 & 1/4 cups of baby oil
  • I used an egg cup to measure it but you can use a larger cup to make more

I’m not entirely sure how much I liked this stuff… But you can make your own minds up… It’s messy… I don’t like mess! Not as messy as some things and doesn’t stick like playdough but it’s still a pain to clean up… So prepare well… Don’t use it on carpets… It vacuums out eventually if you have one with a roller brush but I would recommend a tuff spot and/or plastic underneath (like a pvc table cloth). And I would remove socks if they plan on standing in it as it will go all through the house otherwise… 

It smells nice, if you like the smell of baby oil (you could always add aromatherapy oils if you want a more multi sensory experience)… Also food colouring to add colour… but it doesn’t taste good… As William found out 😂

I quite like playing with this stuff… It’s so strange to touch. It’s soft and tactile and mouldable… Sticks to your hands a little but it brushes off…  

 It kept them happy for all of 5 minutes initially… Then they went off to play outside… They did come back to it though and thoroughly enjoyed playing for ages! William pretty much just rolled in it and threw it everywhere haha… Lara was more controlled… She was filling little sand moulds up and making patterns and balls and making a right mess! But loving it!  We have some large children’s tweezers and she was picking up the balls she made with them, to put it back in the tub… She had to pick them up very carefully and gently otherwise they break back into flour again… 

We were all covered in flour by the end… Not that it’s really a problem, just a load of washing… But it did get everywhere! And took a while to be cleaned up… So it’s really not a quick and easy activity but as long as you embrace the mess then it will be great fun! And Lara helped clear most of it up with the dustpan and brush 

We will try this again in the future maybe when William is a little bigger and not eating it! And I think I will add some colours too…

There is also the option of replacing some of the flour with baking soda… When vinegar is added, it will fizz… Maybe using a pipette to add vinegar, or a spray bottle (an empty cleaning bottle) or even adding food colouring to the vinegar and then using it… 
Have some moon fun and make a mess 😀 


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