Money for nothing 

I’m sure many of you, like me, have a jar of coins… We try to collect all coins not just coppers and then by the end of the year we have some money to put towards Christmas/holidays etc just from emptying our pockets occasionally…

My children are too young really to understand the value of money… But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun 😀 I was planning on counting it all out to see how much we had and Lara wanted to get involved… What a nightmare I thought, it will be all over the house and will take me all day… Hold on… That doesn’t matter!!! To Lara, this is FUN… Soooo I let her ‘help’ and William too… 3 hours later I worked out that I had roughly £34.58… That doesn’t account for any coins that are under the sofa, in the wood basket, down the toilet, in the toy box, been put through the catflap and randomly in my shoes!!!! Haha, they had fun!

Lara spent time piling them up and I tried to explain that the coins were all different sizes and shapes etc and to try and put all the 50p’s in a pile and the 10p’s in another pile etc… She wasn’t really interested in separating them by different type of coin… She preferred to just use any of them… Which was good for making towers and working out that putting the smaller ones at the bottom will make it fall over quicker… I showed her the picture of the Queen was on every single one… And we found 2 with her year of birth on and 3 with my year of birth on… She was actually very interested in this and showed daddy when he got home that it was ‘her birthday coin’… William was filling a little tub with coins and running around the house (which is more than likely why they are everywhere!) I finally managed to contain him on the kitchen floor trying to find coins in a tub of bubbles! Water and coins… Amazing fun!!!

Lara has a little purse so she has kept some of her pennies in that to spend when we next go out.

Playing with coins has so many learning opportunities… As I’ve said before, I’m not one for pushing learning on my kids but I’m all for learning without them realising it… Sneaky…

I think their favourite thing to do with the coins is to simply put them back in the money box… Posting them through the little slot one at a time is time consuming and neither of them lost concentration for ages and it’s really good work for their little fingers 😀




Not that I should probably condone gambling or anything but they do both LOVE (and so do I) playing on the 2p machines at the arcades… I normally give them £1 each when we go… So we have counted out some 2p’s for next time we go… Lara can count to 10, so we counted to 10 and made a pile then repeated until we had a £1 bag each…


I wouldn’t recommend playing with coins for little ones who still put things in their mouths… But you can still do most of the activities with home made coins… Really easy to do… Cut lots of circles of card and give them all values… (If you have time for that kind of thing!!)

Ways to play

  1. Separate the coins into types
  2. Make towers of each different type of coin
  3. Make towers using different coins and see who’s topples first
  4. Throw/flick coins into a pot
  5. Spin the round coins
  6. Count the coins or count the value
  7. Share them out between each other
  8. Put coins into a money box through the slot  (good for fine motor skills)
  9. Hide coins in playdough, rice, water with bubbles or something else and dig them out with fingers
  10. Roll coins along the floor at a target or see who can roll theirs the furthest
  11. Maths with older children
  12. Hide and seek money hunt (hide money around the house and let them loose to find it)
  13. Teach the value of money by separating £1 worth of each coin into muffin tins
  14. Heads or tails
  15. Price their toys in a shop and exchange the correct money
  16. Lay them out to make pictures/spell words

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