Poorly pj day

Poorly pj days are the worst of the worst days… 2 poorly children… Tired mummy… Daddy at work… And it’s Raining! But in a weird way there are nice things about it too… I like all the cuddles that come with a poorly pj day… And the strange calm that comes across our house.

My children are very hard work every single day… They need constant entertainment and are permanently on the go… It’s exhausting… Sometimes I just want them to sit still and watch tv and have a cuddle… It doesn’t happen very often… Problem is, it’s happened today… And it’s a problem because they are poorly 😕

Up a lot in the night for one or the other and then they had the ordacity to sleep in past 7 which they never do… But I was awake wondering if they were actually ok! 

It was lovely having lots of cuddles with my babies… It’s just such a shame it only happens when they are poorly… 
Poorly children brings on another problem… They don’t like to share cuddles… They both want my full cuddling attention… Cue nanny coming round for a cuddling job… I actually think today has been one of the least stressful days I’ve had in a while! Not that I want them to ever be poorly again… 

William went off to nannies for the afternoon for more cuddles and attention and Lara had a long nap (I ran round doing the house work as quick as possible then actually sat down and watched some TV – this never happens) 
Between the cuddles and the sleeping (and me watching trash tv) me and Lara had a lovely time playing with some dvd cases of all things! They have been sat in a box in the hallway for a week waiting to go up into the loft… Lara found them and just wanted to play with them… Why not?…  She looked at all the pictures, lined them all up, then I showed her how to make a ‘card tower’ with them… 
I don’t really have much use for all our DVDs now, we don’t even have a DVD player! I’ve seen loads of craft ideas on pintrest for DVD cases so I might use them sometime for some kind of craft… Like a mini fuzzy felt case or something for when we go on long car journeys… 


The kids also have all my old CDs to play with, they love it! They roll them around and look in them like mirrors, spin them on their fingers, throw them like frisbees… Endless fun 😀 I’ll make some garden decorations with them in the summer… With all the reflections they will be really pretty and I’m sure the kids will love to help make them too… 
All in all its not ended up being as bad a day as I feared it might be… Loving the cuddles but I still hope they will be back to their crazy, impatient, noisy selves tomorrow xx 


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