Jumping cushions 

Omg the whinging and whining has been grating on me today… So was the mess… so was the weather… Urgh, I just wanted to crawl back into bed after a terrible night with a poorly William… 

So, what did we do to keep the peace today? Not a lot to be honest… I tidied up the living room and threw the cushions on the floor… Instant fun for a toddler! Thank goodness for that… Jumping across them like stepping stones, rolling on them, jumping over them, jumping off the sofa onto them, swimming around them… No wonder our cushions don’t last long haha…  Kept them entertained long enough for me to get showered and dressed and actually eat some breakfast… 


It wasn’t an activity to last all day but they burnt off some early morning energy and Lara was using her imagination well… She had to climb up high coz the water was coming… And had to hide under the cushions coz a dinosaur was looking for her… I’m sure she will come up with other senarios next time… I love seeing their imagination grow 😀.

The whinging and whining soon returned once they were bored of jumping… A quick lunch then I stuck them in the car for a drive to the coast to get them asleep… Aaahhhhh peace… And a nice calming view of the sea from the car… 

Early night for all of us xx 


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