Popsicle Sticks 

I didn’t plan this activity, it just kind of happened this evening… I had bought some waxing spatulas home from work thinking they might make a good craft activity if I ever got time (in reality they would probably have sat in a drawer for the next few years!!) 

Lara found them and tipped them all over the floor! Pain in the bum! but it posed a good excuse to play with them instead of being angry… 
You can buy packs of Popsicle sticks in most crafts shops or eBay etc very cheaply… You can also get them in multi coloured packs too.

Lara had some face stickers in her craft box so I got them out and made her a couple of little happy/sad stick people. I also used some washi tape to decorate them… It literally took 30 seconds… I think I will have to make her a little family of them haha… I can imagine they are also good for kids to help learn and express emotions too… Happy/sad etc. You don’t have to use face stickers, drawing it on with a pen will work just as well, I just happened to have some laying around… 


Daddy made some frisbees which exploded on impact and the kids thought it was absolutely hilarious when they threw them at the floor or the wall. They are made by sort of weaving the sticks into each other (there are tutorials on YouTube) it’s really easy to do once you know how… 


The most exciting  thing we did this evening was ‘jumping sticks’ (daddy followed a tutorial on YouTube) it took a while to get the hang of it but then it was really quick… There is no way Lara could do this… But an older child would be good at this and it has a sense of achievement at the end too a bit like when you line up dominoes and then knock them down 😀
After William had gone to bed Lara really enjoyed lining up the sticks… She unknowingly made an L… So I showed her what a W for William looked like too… Then she went back to making lines and lined them up right across the room. We then had a game of balancing along the line….


**next morning**
We are still playing with the sticks!!

When I say ‘playing’ I mean William is just throwing them around the house. There are sticks in pretty much every room and it basically looks like a giant pick up sticks game haha… Lara is playing with her stick family (I made some more last night) 

We have also been making towers and piles…


I’m not aloud to put them away because ‘they are my favourite toy mummy’ haha… Well that’s fine by me… It’s not messy!

Ways to play

  1. Jumping sticks
  2. Big letter writing or spell your name
  3. Make a long line and try and balance along it 
  4. Frisbees 
  5. Stick people 
  6. Self adhesive Velcro spots on the ends to make stick shapes – they can be as big and complicated as you like 
  7. Pick up sticks
  8. Build towers and piles and see who knocks it down first 
  9. Popsicle stick crafts (loads on Google/pinterest)
  10. Make a race track for toy cars
  11. Make a hop scotch design 
  12. Use sticks as a measuring tool and see how many sticks long things are
  13. Play swords
  14. If you have coloured sticks, lay them out in pretty patterns 

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