Easter Sunday and we were all at my mums for the day… 9 adults and 4 children… We had a lovely day… Waaaayyyy too much chocolate! 

Lara and William played really nicely with their cousins Esme and Reuben all day… It wasn’t until about 3pm that we needed to do some entertaining as the toys had got a bit boring and it was so cold outside!

Box of straws = improvised straw based fun!! and no mess!!

I think pretty much everyone has a colander in the house… Straws fit nicely… If you have marbles to hand you could make your own ‘kerplunk’ with the colander the right way up… 

Same activity but with a cooling rack which has bigger holes so it’s a bit easier for little fingers… They all loved doing this! It’s really good for their fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination too… 

My sister and my niece (who is 6) had a game of ‘pick up sticks’ and also built towers… The loser was the one who knocked it down… They slide off easily so you have to balance them well! 

Uncle David and Daddys job was to make shapes… And really really really long straws. Just bend one of the ends inwards so you can push it in the end of the other straw… They made triangles, squares, diamonds, rectangles, stars and pentagons… Lara and Reuben loved this… 

Esme and Lara were both really good at weaving the straws through the holes in the cooling rack… We could make some really good patterns doing this…


Granny won the straw easter bonnet competition

And Esme even enjoyed putting the straws back in the box through the little hole 


Straws will definitely be coming out on my next hard day… There are so many possibilities we haven’t tried yet 😀

Ways to play

  1. Threading through holes in colander
  2. Threading through holes in cooling rack
  3. Weaving through the holes to make patterns
  4. Pick up sticks 
  5. Build towers
  6. Make really long straws
  7. Make shapes 
  8. Windy Races… Use straws to make lanes and a start line. Blow cotton wool ball/Pom poms across the room in a race 
  9. Use baking paper (the waxed stuff) with a few drops of water and blow them around the paper
  10. Put dabs of watery paint on paper and blow around to paint a picture 
  11. Cut them into short lengths and thread onto string (make necklaces and bracelets) 
  12. Play hoopla… Make a circle with each straw… Mark a dot or target on a piece of paper and throw the hoops onto the target 

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