Save the toilet rolls… 

Anyone else have a little nightmare who loves to unroll the toilet paper? Well that is what Williams favourite game this morning was!! Haha… Not only the roll that was started but 2 of the new ones waiting on the side 🙄 that’ll teach me for not looking for him when he has gone quiet…
So after our fun paper filled morning I thought I would put some toilet roll tubes to use… We also have some tubes from carpets (often free from carpet shops) I’ve been doing lots of things with tubes coz it’s free and soooo easy and quick and can be used in so many ways and when we’ve finished I just throw it all in the bin!
Easiest thing to do with a few toilet roll tubes and maybe the odd kitchen roll tube is to make some kind of a run… For what ever you have laying around… We normally use Pom poms or magnetic letters. Sticky tape the tubes to a door/radiator/fridge and line them up so a ball falls through to the bottom… It literally takes minutes to create a great run and they don’t even have to be complicated… If you have a little one like William then don’t expect it to last very long as it’s easily pulled off!!! But if you use better tape like parcel tape then it’s much stronger… This is a great game for playing with them but also I find it great for leaving them to it for a bit so I can get on with housework or cooking…

A really good game for playing with 3+ sort of ages and really interacting with them is to put number/colour/shapes on the tubes (or whatever level they are at) and use it as a learning exercise to put the right colour Pom Pom/pipe cleaner in or the right shaped bead or the right numbered magnet etc… Lara can do most colours now and I think if we play this a bit more then she will really start getting her colours correct… I’m not really one for teaching my kids things to be honest, they just pick stuff up so easily I would rather just let them play… But I’m all for learning through play when they don’t even realise they are learning 😀 I’m always amazed at how quickly she is learning things without even trying!

Today we have been decorating our giant tubes from the carpet shop… Lots of random stickers and some colouring… I love activities that involve no mess!!! Lara is really into stickers at the moment… William is more interested in sitting on the tube pretending it’s a horse! Very cute though… And we have 2 giant tubes, one each, so almost no arguing!!! I didn’t actually have a lot of time to sit and play with them this afternoon as we were out most of the day and didn’t start the decorating till nearly tea time so I needed to cook… But I made the effort and sat and helped for 20 mins with the stickers and then left them to roll their balls and cars down the tubes which they love doing!!

Ways to play

  1. Sticky tape the toilet roll tubes to a radiator and make a Pom Pom/marble run
  2. Use tubes in art projects (endless possibilities on google and Pinterest)
  3. Decorate tubes with pens, stickers etc
  4. Carpet tubes to roll balls or cars down
  5. Kitchen/toilet roll tubes to roll marbles or Pom poms down
  6. Paint and number some tubes and use balls to play bowling
  7. Use the same coloured and numbered tubes to put coloured Pom poms/pipe cleaners/number magnets in the correct tube
  8. Lay the tubes down in a row and roll marbles into them from across the room… Add points to each one to make it a competition
  9. Threading for little ones using shoe lace/rope
  10. Ping pong ball run (if you have a bit more time on your hands!)
  11. If you have lots, make pictures on the floor with them

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