Bad day turned good                            

Bad days… You know the ones… When you plan to stay home all day and you have so much to do around the house and the kids were up mega early and they most certainly woke up on the wrong side of bed… I probably have more bad days than most people… But I know everyone has a bad day here and there and can relate…

So, normally on days like this it’s easy to sit and wallow in self pity and put Disney Junior on and hope they will entertain themselves whilst I do the main housework jobs… They never sit and entertain themselves so I really don’t know why I think they will haha.

But with my new plan to be more pro active and help myself, I made the effort to set something up for them to play with. And to be honest, with a bit of contained mess in the living room I pretty much got most of what needed doing, done. I decided I’d give them magnets to play with… Which I get out occasionally to use on the radiators… They are the plastic letters that I think most people have a set of… We also have some gruffalo magnets that came with a book, no idea where the book went!

I’ve bought a couple of magnetic wands and a giant horseshoe magnet recently that we hadn’t had out yet and thought that would work well to play with the letters… It was brilliant for about 30 seconds and then they were much more interested in playing with the magnets on tins like we usually do… But that’s fine. Lara made her own game up of throwing them into the tin from a distance which was great until she started throwing them at William… Hmmm magnets go away!!!!

This was when we only had Lara… so you can imagine how many toys we have now with 2 of them!!!

This is where I get every single toy in the house out and put them in the living room… (It’s an excuse to sort them all out which I really needed to do anyway). Now this entertained them! I pretty much done my entire housework (except the living room where the bomb went off). Only problem with this is that it takes AGES to tidy it all away… BUT the kids think it’s amazing so I change my mind set from ‘oh my god the mess arrggghhhh’ to ‘this is a great game that will last most of the day’ and actually, we all had a great time going through all their toys and sorting them out, binning broken things and getting rid of anything they don’t play with anymore… Spring cleaning at its best!

It did take ages to put away and wasn’t finished before they went to bed as by the time they were hungry they had lost interest. But it wasn’t that bad… I got it all put away quickly once they were in bed and sat down for the evening knowing I’d had a pretty productive day… A bad day turned good 😀


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