Boring Chores are Fun

Things that I think are so normal and boring in everyday life, the kids think are so much fun to do… Lara is always wanting to help me do things and I often find this quite challenging as I just want to get it done… Things like running the dyson round… It’s takes me less than 5 minutes but with Laras ‘help’ it would take me 15 minutes!
But I’m trying to make a conscious effort to let them help and make myself realise that things don’t have to be done in my time frame and that when done with the kids i’m less stressed, they are having fun and also learning from it too… To them it’s playing…

Last night when trying to clean up rice from the living room floor, Lara was vacuuming for me and the poor Dyson was turned on for over 20 minutes… I went to get changed for work and I could just hear her giggling as her hands were being sucked up by the hose. I still had to do it myself, but it kept her quite happy while i got ready.

You’d think doing things like emptying the bin would be something a child avoids at all costs… But for some reason mine love it haha… One takes the lid off for me, I take the full bag out and take it outside whilst Lara gets a new bag ready by ripping along the perforations… William does a bit of banging and makes as much noise as he can… I put the new bag in and one of them puts the lid back on… Then we all clap for a job well done haha… It’s so stupid but they love it!!!
William loves helping with the washing… I put the basket in front of the machine and he loads it all in 1 item at a time… It takes ages!!!! I have to leave him too it so I don’t help or rush him… But it’s a fun activity that keeps him entertained for a good 5 minutes! And then he presses the buttons to turn it on and has a clap to congratulate himself haha it’s so cute…
Lara is really into washing up at the moment… She gets her step up at the sink and will stand there playing with the water for soooo long… It all gets a bit wet but I put towels down on the floor and try to encourage her to keep the water on the draining board and not on the worktop… I give her all the plastic items to wash up… And she does such a good job… I could just stick it all in the dishwasher but she finds it so much fun and keeps her happy for ages! William loves it too… we have a ‘little helper funpod’ that he goes in so he can’t fall (it’s a good little invention if you have little ones that like to help or hang out around your feet whilst you are trying to cook) he prefers to have the tap running so he can try and catch the water… thank goodness we are not on a water metre!!


I empty the dishwasher every morning before breakfast and they do the bottom tray… William loves doing the cutlery and if I help he has a full blown paddy, so I leave him to it… He puts it all in the drawer (which he can only just reach) then Lara puts them all in the right places for him… I grab all the sharp knives and glasses then they hand everything else to me…

Washing the kitchen floor is a family affair… I give the kids baby wipes and I use the anti bac wipes and we all clean the floor together… For some reason they think it’s great! Lara gets really into it haha… She even cleans all the cupboard doors at the same time…

Baby wipes are such a saviour in this house… I pretty much clean everything with them, I even do the dusting with them… I think I will have baby wipes in the house forever!! The kids helped me clean the inside of the car with baby wipes last week…

The current favourite though I think is probably filling the wood basket up… My husband puts a big bag of wood in the kitchen and they carry the wood through to the wood basket in the living room… It’s ‘their’ job. It takes them about 15 minutes and they love it!!!


Obviously I don’t always have time to let them help… I find myself sneaking around to do the house work… Quickly putting a load of washing in when no one is watching haha… Emptying the dishwasher as quietly as I can… It’s so ridiculas that it makes me giggle when I’m doing it…and i often get caught…

Remember – nothing is boring when you are little and still learning… there is fun in the most random of places xx



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  1. Kate Ogden says:

    What a great, inspiring blog Pennie! Simple, child-centred fun – perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. penniepowell says:

      Thank you, and thank you for taking the time to read it… I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it xx


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